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    General Terms of Service You may only have one account. New registers from the same IP Adress will be denay. Auto Click Software is forbiden. It includes use, promote or offering. We take our anti cheat policy very serious. The account will be permanently suspended. By joing agustinptcsites.com you agree that you shell be fully responsable for any filling of taxes requiered by your govermental authorities. Because of our international status we will not do it for you. Payments are made by Paypal Business Account. Instant Services with $0.500 + 3,5% fee. You need make 100 clicks and $3 balance to be alowed to cash out. All purchase items are generaly not refundable but we are available to work with you to solve any problem you may have. If you need help please contact us via support ticket we will do our best to help you. Please do not open disputes talk to us and we will solve it. We accept any advertisement unless it uses frame breakers, pop up, pop under, innapropriate content or virus. In the forum you must be polite with everybody. Insults, racism or any other offense will result in account suspension agustinptcsites.com will not be liable for delays or failure in performance caused by acts of God, war, terrorism, strike, labour dispute, work stopage, fire, act of goverment or any other cause beyond our control. By joing Lusobux and make a purchase you are claming that you have read, understand and fully accepeted the terms of this agreement.


    For all users before making more payments will have to verify the account and no payment will be made and delete that account in boxclicks do not admit scams thanks to all users, this information note will be in the terms

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